Action Truing$150-300
Barrel Chamber & Install
(Includes muzzle threads)
Muzzle Threading$100-150
Stock Bedding$250
Cerakote, one color$150
Cerakote, additional colors$50
AK type builds$350+
AR builds$75+
General Gunsmithing Rate, minimum half hour$50/hr
Base bedding, ring lapping/bedding, scope mountingquote
Factory rifle evaluation and accurizingquote
Thread bolt handle for oversize knob$50
Pin & Weld muzzle device$50+
Laser Engraving for NFA, SBR, etc.$30
Machine Gun Repairsemail for quote
New CellNew Cell
New CellNew Cell
New CellNew Cell
New CellNew Cell

Lead time varies depending on work load and parts availability. Typically 2-4 weeks once all parts are in the shop. 

All new Cerakote work must arrive fully disassembled. We no longer do disassemby or reassembly on Cerakote jobs. This keeps our prices low and keeps people from claiming we broke their parts. We are not accepting any liability for customers bringing cheap parts in for coating. 

We prefer that customers supply all/most parts for their build. Due to the wide range of options and customer preferences we don't keep a large inventory of parts on hand.   If Perry Precision is sourcing all parts for a custom build, we require a 50% deposit before work begins. This is necessary because of customers requesting custom builds and then not paying or responding when work is completed. 

*non stocked reamers, or custom chambers may incur an extra fee if custom throating or neck diameters are needed and the reamer is not provided by the customer.